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Talent is the enterprise management and development of the soul. Over the years, Welldone enterprise be tolerant to diversity, blend of the essence, a comprehensive introduction of all kinds of outstanding talent, in the human resource development process, adhere to concept of innovation, institutional norms, service and careful, solidarity and cooperation, in order to talent to create one kinds open, fair, impartial the working environment and occupational arena, through the internal promotion with the external talent introduction-phase combine, perfect human resource management mechanisms to promote the outstanding talent come to the fore, to achieve of human resources effective development and rational allocation, in order to period reached a "-bit obtaining the people, person fitness of their-bit, amount of energy award of vocational, personnel two advised to, "the human resources the management of tenet.

Welldone of qualified personnel
Talent is the the fundamental enterprise development, is the enterprise the first resource of. Talent is the enterprise the most precious, expensive scarce resource.
The modern enterprise's competitive in the final analysis is the talent competition. Who owns talent, who will occupy the the market competition the commanding heights of.

Talent Strategy
Talent strategy yes Worldbest corporate strategy development of an important integral part of. "People-oriented" is the achieve the company talent strategy the basic principles of, "attract the best talents, make good use of talent, retain

talent, the development of talent" yes talent strategy of the core.
1) recruiters if he is thirsty, Zhirenshanren;
2) in order to people-oriented, meritocracy;
3) human nature management, Renjinqicai;
4) career development, and grow together;
5) welfare keep people, cause of keeping.

Human resource management mechanism
Scientific human resource management mechanism is to achieve the Worldbest enterprise talent strategy the fundamental guarantee. Company always adhere to the establish a sound human resource management mechanism, forming a "development,competition, motivation, elimination," the employment mechanism, for outstanding talented person to provide a broad space for career development.
1) attract the best talents
In the nationwide within the, eclectic satisfied that the talent, Worldbest Industry favored by wealthy creative passion of the young composite-type talent, through the introduction of market-oriented of talent value of the positioning
system, established a wealthy competitive remuneration system of.
2) make good use of talent
High degree of emphasis Finally results of the work, is the company By Order of the Chuan the fine style of. There are effectiveness of the, there are result, the achieve the target, in the Welldone enterprise li will get constantly's improved.