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Everyday knowledge -diaper backsheet introduction
Date: 2019-05-18 11:32:57

Everyday knowledge No.11-diaper backsheet introduction

In Welldone,we have two production type of backsheet,one is cast film,another is lamination film. Now,a short overview of the cast film.
1. Cast film has two raw materials,one is polyethylene,its components including High density,low density,liner low density,they also collectively
referred to as low pressure,high pressure and liner;another raw material is filler,whose main component is calcium carbonate. 
2.cast film is applied to baby diaper backsheet, sanitary napkin backsheet and pouch.(backsheet --- prevent leakage pouch --- package)
3.About its processing:batching--film preparation--printing--resolved shear.
4.Welldone inspection processing:A.Tensile force,elongation rate B.The ash content C.Grams weight D.Printing problems, resolved shear problems