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Everyday knowledge No.12-lamination film backsheet
Date: 2019-05-30 15:54:42

Everyday knowledge No.12-lamination film backsheet

Lamination pe film is a material of backsheet production.It refers to composite the cast film with non woven fabric.according to the non-woven’s width,it includes centered composite lamination pe film and full composite lamination pe film two kinds.It is mainly for increasing babys comfort in the progress of using,so it is applied in our baby diaper production.

About its inspection process:in the aspect of the cast film inspection, its the same as the above methods. And add composited central degree and fasteness inspection.

Composited central degree:The width of the non woven fabric which is not composite the film should not has too much difference. measure it with a rule.

Composited fasteness:The adhesive forces of the non woven fabric and cast film. Inadequate strength will cause the delamination phenomenon. Usually it’s tested by hand tearing.