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Pampers open R & D centers in the high-tech Secret diapers
Date: 2018-05-27 18:23:48
Can you imagine, 7 g humble absorbent beads can rapidly absorb light 210 ml of water do? Would you believe, a saturated with water, diapers even push hard water reverse osmosis do not have? Did you know, a Pampers diapers, would have more than 100 patents!
In a recent Pampers Beijing R & D center open day on the people who participated in "China good diapers" discovery of the mother, in Pampers, led by researchers witnessed and experienced tech behind little diapers.
P & G Greater China, Xin Hu, general manager of communication and public relations as said, "As the inventor of the world's disposable diapers, but also the Chinese mothers are most familiar with the brand, Pampers wants to help mothers better understand the diaper; same time, we have been Listen Chinese mother's voice, my mother gave our feedback also helped put more Pampers baby inspiration from Chinese into product design. "
Magic water beads super sucked dry
Lift the diapers, the first thought is SAP. "Why is a thin diapers, baby several hours to absorb urine?"
To do this, the staff take two cups, a cup filled with full cotton, the other is a thin layer of fine salt, white crystalline material like cotton and crystal are 7 g weight. "This is a white fine salt water beads, the same weight, smaller, which is also absorbed as He Chaojiang Pampers, you can keep slim volume of reasons."
"Beads of water absorption capacity can reach 30 times its own weight, so 7 grams absorbent beads can easily absorb 210 grams of urine." Pampers Beijing R & D center staff. "We just used to test 210 g of water, roughly the maximum amount of urine your baby all night, a thin dry Pampers diapers, baby one night can absorb the urine."
Four locks firmly locked wet water system
Pampers research center staff: "Back to the infiltration is a reflection of the importance of diapers dry surface quality indicators, only lock the urine, to prevent seepage back, to let your baby's skin remains dry." Industry regulations, diapers back infiltration rate shall not than 10 grams.
Pampers super soft cotton diapers to conventional "three-tier structure," the development of unique "four water lock system", namely in the "absorption core layer" to increase by special treatment of the short fibers, the unique Pampers "diversion level." With "double deflector layer" to increase the absorption rate of diapers, effectively prevent rewet. Mothers are nothing to worry about baby's delicate little ass will be immersed in urine.
10 million to create a comfortable breathable microporous details
According to the staff, each piece of Pampers diapers super soft cotton series has more than 10 million on the microporous breathable, so they can not leak urine at the same time to ensure timely discharge of hot little ass surface moisture .
"Absorbent, breathable, soft, comfortable fit and material nature, is to assess whether a diaper quality four important aspects." Pampers diapers in the development, from the selection of raw materials to the technical problems to overcome, considering every step These aspects of almost a hundred indicators. In order to give the baby the most intimate, the most tender care, as the diaper industry leading brands, Pampers attention to every detail of the research and design. Up to now, each of Pampers diapers has more than 100 patents.