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Quanzhou establish the
Date: 2018-05-27 18:24:57
Recently, the reporter learned from the industry's enterprises, Quanzhou hygiene products industry associations will be established, and are planning to build "China sanitary industry base", has been located in the Town of Ning Luojiang double metal market.
"Quanzhou is China's largest production base of sanitary products industry, but also the country's largest export base of disposable hygiene products." As one of the initiators of the project, women and children Tianyi (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Mou water introduction, Quanzhou has the world's Jackets capital, Chinese sports city, China shoes, Chinese porcelain, Chinese zipper of all, Chinese food base, the hometown of China's building materials, Chinese umbrellas capital (East Rock), Shishi clothing city Shishi clothing city, China Stone City and many other industrial base, but as the country's largest distribution center for health supplies, Quanzhou was not a sanitary goods industry base.
It is in this consideration, the industry's enterprises generally believe that the establishment of China Quanzhou hygiene supplies industrial base is very necessary. According to Chinese health supplies network responsible person Xuyao Lin said that since the 90s of last century, the rapid development of Quanzhou industrial output value ranked first in the province, Fujian Province is the economic center. Quanzhou hygiene product manufacturers only have 200. Currently, Fujian hygiene product manufacturers have more than 300, accounting for 30% of sales of more than 50% of the country. Materials, equipment, packaging industry as a whole there are thousands of companies together. Fujian is China hygiene products, originated, Heng Group is the first domestic production of hygiene products company, is the nation's largest health supplies production enterprises, as well as addition Hengli Group, Sparrow's, day, women and children and other famous enterprises in Quanzhou. Therefore, the establishment of health products industry in Quanzhou base is the "climate, geography, and."
The voice of enterprises in the industry, after months of preparation, hygiene products industry base in China bred. According to Huang Mou water, the current location has been identified in double Luojiang District Town in Nanjing metals market, a total of five-story building, an area of 60,000 square meters, will be built into the exhibition, investment, financing, procurement of an integrated sexual health supplies gathered, attracted national health products industry, including machinery, material suppliers, product suppliers, buyers, etc. In this set up offices. Meanwhile, the base will also establish and improve relevant departments, in the technical certification, financial support, quality control, and other aspects of bank financing to form a complete system, so that domestic and foreign businessmen in Quanzhou which a place can find the desired materials, equipment, packaging , finished.
According to reports, the current base of the investment work has been carried out, the first batch of women and children have been Tianyi (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd. Nanan Tianhe Women and Children Commodity Co., Reckitt Benckiser (Fujian) Hygiene Products Co., Tian-jiao maternal and child health supplies Ltd., Sheng Hongda Health Products Co., Allied Health Products Co., Quanzhou Hanwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Quanzhou earliest and largest professional health supplies machinery and equipment manufacturers), Jinjiang City Shunchang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Jinjiang Xingtai Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Jiafu Machinery Co., Ltd. Sea, Guangdong Poly Glue Adhesives Co., Ltd., a new era of Maternal and Child Health Products Co., Nordson (China) Co., Ltd., win-win Import and Export Co., Ltd. , Garden Rong Import & Export Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Autumn Trade and Industry Development Co., Ltd. Quanzhou branch bank Quanxiu settled more than a dozen units to apply.