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Is the sanitary napkin making machine can made so many size
Date: 2018-12-15 16:20:38

Everyday knowledge : No.2
Many customers asking if the same sanitary napkin machine can make several sizes .. The answer is YES

There are two ways to make one production line making several sizes 
1- Make spare units which must be changed if we need to change the size plus changing the Program from HMI those units are (Core cutting unit - Core embossing unit - outer sealing unit - Pad Boundary cutting) in each size change the four sets must be changed to produce certain size

2- Have very long production line with the mentioned units for each required size all of them installed each unit with separate driving motor when you change size you have activate only one size motor group

method number 2 is a disaster and leads to unstable process because of many connecting points on the line and long operation length

so Method 1 is the most used way to produce multi sizes on sanitary napkin production machine .