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Three kind of machine
Date: 2018-12-15 16:26:47
Everyday Knowledge : No.3
What is the Difference between (Mechanical - Semi servo - Full servo ) production lines 

All three lines have the same front side's structure , so from the front view no one can tell what is the type of production line  , so let's talk about the backside (driving side)

1- Mechanical production line is driven by AC motors , the speed of each motor is controlled by inverters by the PLC program , some units can be driven by the same motor by adding gear boxes and connecting shafts , NO servo motor exist ,the speed limit is medium

2- Semi Servo Production line has both types AC motors and Servo motors , Each type drives certain units and their speed are synchronized by the PLC program , speed limit is relatively higher than mechanical type and has more stable process flow

3- Full servo Production line is driven totally by Servo motors , all the operation controlled by servo sets , Few AC motors may exist for simple applications , speed limit is very high and the process is very stable and easy to be controlled by the operator (the attached picture is for backside of full servo production line and some servo sets are marked )