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SS Hydrophobic Nonwoven
SS Hydrophobic Nonwoven
- OEM & ODM are available
- Free samples are available
- This is just for reference, can be adjusted as per requirement.
1) ISO9000,ISO14000,OKEO-TEX 100 
2) weight: 13-22gsm 
3) Width: 28-330cm

Product Name SS Nonwoven Specification Passed
Color White Quantity Passed
Test Items Index Testing Value Results
Basic Weight 15g±1.5g 15g Qualified
Joint NO NO Qualified
Width Customerized±2mm   Qualified
Core Diameter 76mm 76mm Qualified
Roll Diametet Customerized±10mm 750mm Qualified
Elongation at Break MD >30% 50 Qualified
CD >30% 50 Qualified
Tensile Strength MD 30N/5cm 35N/5cm Qualified
CD 15N/5cm 20N/5cm Qualified
Fluid Penetrating Rate 100 100 Qualified
PH Value 5.39-9.0 8.3 Qualified
TVC of Bacteria ≤200cfu/g 20 Qualified
TVC of Fungus ≤100cfu/g 15 Qualified